Gold Level Model School

Specific characteristics of PBS Model Schools are their consistent methods of: utilizing their data to better serve students and staff; teaching PBS to new students throughout the school year; establishing creative and engaging reward systems; extending PBS throughout the campus and partnering with the community; and incorporating PBS in daily activities across all available teaching opportunities.

What is PBS?

  • A positive and effective alternative to traditional methods of discipline.
  • Proactive teaching and recognizing what children are doing right (positive) versus focusing solely on the negatives.
  • Research-based and PROVEN to reduce occurrences of problems within the school.

Diplomat PBS Vision & Mission

  • Our VISION is to shape behavior to build positive character for all.
  • Our MISSION is to implement effective strategies to teach, model and modify behavior in order to promote positive decision making.

Cats' Pride Affirmation

"I will do my best today because every day matters!"

Student Expectations

Be on time – in seat when the bell rings
Be prepared with supplies
Be respectful
Be on task
Follow directions
Be positive

Cats' Pride Qualities










Cats' Pride Rewards and Criteria


CATS PRIDE Quarterly Reward
(quarterly reward)

GOLD: 3.5 - 4.0 GPA; zero discipline referrals

SILVER: 3.0 - 3.49 GPA; zero discipline referrals

BRONZE: 2.5 - 2.99 GPA; zero discipline referrals

Pawsitive Pass

Demonstrates DMS Student Expectations - given at teachers' discretion

Pawsitive Referrals

Demonstrated the 9 CATS' PRIDE traits or demonstrated an outstanding act of citizenship

Money Mania
(monthly reward)

Able to recite all 6 DMS Student Expectations

Student of the Month
(grade level reward)

Demonstrates DMS Student Expectations and/or DMS Character Traits

Clean CAT Card
(classroom reward)

Demonstrates DMS Student Expectations and DMS Character Traits - model students

2015-2016 Cats' Pride Reward Calendar