Dismissal Procedures

Parent Pick-up Student Waiting Area

  1. Please have your student’s first and last name written on the accompanying form as large as possible and hanging from your passenger seat visor. A teacher will be standing at Position 9 reading these and calling students as you pull into the pick-up area
  2. The teacher will call your student’s name and direct them to go to a certain number to be picked up you will need to listen carefully and meet your student at the number called.
  3. When going through the pick-up area please do not pull out and pass any other cars unless directed to do so by school staff.
  4. If your student does not arrive to the number called and traffic begins to flow please pull all the way forward to the Holding Area located past Position 1 by the yellow poles.

We want to thank you for your cooperation in implementing these new procedures. If you have had students next door at the elementary school these procedures should seem very familiar. This is a very efficient and effective way to get you and your student home as safely and quickly as possible. If for some reason you do not have the student’s name visible please stop and tell the teacher standing at Position 9 who you are picking up so that we can call them for you.

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